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Preparation for the FCE



CA Institute’s ESOL Exam Preparation courses are designed for students who are seeking to pass the ESOL examinations for a recognized language level certificate. Exam preparation focuses on reading, writing, speaking, listening, use of English.

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7 560 Kč

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Number of lessons 18x90 min.

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To improve the level of students’ understanding of English and to pass the FCE.

To prepare students for the structure and content of particular English exams. To reach a B2+/C1- level according to the CEFR.

End of course “CAN DO” Statements

  • I can talk about personality and the future. I can effectively use a dictionary and write an informal letter.
  • I can talk about natural landscapes and verb patterns. I can understand collective nouns and write a formal email.
  • I can talk about the past and extreme adjectives. I can write a story.
  • I can talk about films and cinema. I can effectively use the simple and continuous tenses. I can write a review.
  • I can talk about verbs and idioms connected with speech. I can understand reported speech and write an essay.
  • I can talk about travel and idioms with go and come. I can use modal verbs of advice, ability, prohibition, and obligation. I can write an informal email.
  • I can talk about the verb get. I can use the passive.
  • I can talk about food and word pairs. I can speculate about the present and past grammatically. I can write a report.
  • I can talk about compound nouns and body idioms. I can use relative clauses. I can write a letter.
  • I can talk about mental activities and expressions with mind. I can use comparatives and superlatives.
  • I can talk about gadgets and their parts. I can use conditionals. I can write a letter of complaint.
  • I can talk about achievement and success. I can use causative verbs have, make, let, and get. I can write an article.