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At CA Institute of Languages we believe that the sooner a child starts with learning a second language the better. Between the ages of infant to 7 a child’s brain retains more information than at any other time in their lives. And the most important thing for the child is to learn English in a natural way with certified native speaking teachers.

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3 800 Kč

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Number of lessons 25x60 min

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To raise the awareness of English among kids in a fun and entertaining way.


End of course “CAN DO” statements

  • I CAN say hello and bye
  • I CAN say some colors and shapes
  • I CAN say and write the numbers 1-100
  • I CAN say my phone number
  • I CAN say members of my family
  • I CAN ask for simple things
  • I CAN talk about simple foods
  • I CAN say parts of my body
  • I CAN talk about my clothes
  • I CAN talk about simple objects found in the classroom
  • I CAN sing the ABC song
  • I CAN say and write the alphabet
  • I CAN respond to personal questions
  • I CAN respond to simple expressions
  • I CAN understand and follow simple classroom instructions
  • I CAN read short words
  • I CAN recognize and copy words, phrases and short sentences
  • I CAN spell my name and simple words
  • I CAN recognize and use regular and irregular plurals
  • I CAN use personal subject pronouns
  • I CAN recognize and use the present simple forms of the verb be
  • I CAN recognize and use this, that, these and those
  • I CAN recognize and use countable and uncountable nouns, some and any
  • I CAN recognize and use present simple and present continuous
  • I CAN recognize and use there is and there are
  • I CAN recognize and use the –ing form with like, love and hate