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Business English Advanced(C1)



CA Institute’s Business English courses are designed for today’s professionals who are seeking to further expand their understanding of business and culture.

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7 560 Kč

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Number of lessons 18x90m
Min&Max.No.Students Min 3 Max 10

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To improve the level of students’ understanding of a foreign language and to get the students to use the language in an effective manner to improve communication within the business. To reach a C1+ level according to the CEFR.

End of course “CAN DO” statements

  • I can describe cross-cultural experiences, report back on research, use tenses appropriately, introduce myself to a group.
  • I can talk about career paths, manage the discussion in a meeting and share ideas, express attitudes to the past, get my point across.
  • I can discuss working practices, give a formal presentation, speculate about future changes, show understanding.
  • I can talk about different kinds of risk, take part in a teleconference, establish rapport.
  • I can talk about team relationships, deal with conflict in negotiations, add emphasis appropriately, respond to feedback.
  • I can discuss factors for success, solve problems and brainstorm ideas during meetings, use adverbs to qualify attitudes appropriately, use vague language.
  • I can talk about training and learning, use communication strategies on the phone, use participle clauses and “the future in the past” appropriately.
  • I can express dissatisfaction, talk about employer/employee expectations, give an impromptu presentation, use questions effectively, deal with difficult questions.
  • I can talk about resources, discuss options and reach decisions in meetings, use conditionals effectively, deal with misunderstandings.
  • I can talk about leadership styles, give a briefing on change at a meeting, use the passive to depersonalize and distance yourself from information.
  • I can express personal views, talk about values, reach an agreement, use inversion for emphasis, raise a difficult point.
  • I can talk about persuasion, give a presentation to sell an idea, use discourse markers appropriately, give and respond to compliments.